Norman Porter behind the scenes

Norman Porter

Age: 35
From: Wattsville
Productions: Apostle, Denmark, Eternal Beauty, Dream Horse
Department: Art Department

“Before doing my Foot in the Door training I felt there were a few things that stopped me from having a career in the film & TV industry: A lack of experience & relevant industry knowledge, a lack of contacts and no driving licence.”

“First and foremost, Foot in the Door has helped me get much needed experience in the film industry, including a much wider knowledge of the art department; what this type of role entails and what is expected of you as a department. The initial training helped build excitement and ease any prior nerves, whereas the longer jobs have proven to me I can handle long winter night shifts on the top of a remote mountain in extreme conditions.”

“Since my first Foot in the Door placement on Apostle I have worked on three more feature films in the Art Department. I have also spent the last six months working for Wild Creations as a Finisher making props and sets for a number of secretive high-profile projects. I am also currently in the middle of a driving course that will open up more future opportunities for myself.”

“I would absolutely, 100% recommend Foot in the Door! But only if it’s something they think they are, or could be, hugely passionate about. From my experience it is a lifestyle choice. Long-term the hours can be exhausting, the stress of last-minute changes can be huge and mistakes can be costly, but If that doesn’t put you off... go for it, you’re in for a fun ride!”

Norman has also received a Ymddiried / Welsh Broadcasting Trust Bursary to continue his driving lessons and complete his driving test, which will allow him further opportunities in the creative industries.