Caity Lotz as The Machine

The Machine

Deep in a secret government base, a leading scientist is employed by the government to create a game-changing weapon, an ultimate android killing machine. Aided by artificial intelligence expert Ava, Vincent creates the first fully conscious android. But at his moment of success he finds himself fighting for his life, as he uncovers the MoD’s true sinister intentions for his creation.

This cult sci-fi hit shot in Wales stars Caity Lotz and Toby Stephens.


Caity Lotz, Toby Stephens

Caradog James

John Giwa-Amu

Production Company:
Red and Black Films

Distributor / Booking Contact:
Red and Black Films /

Where to watch

DVD, Amazon Prime, iTunes

Education Resource

Ffilm Cymru produced a digital education resource for The Machine as part of 'Film Industries: from Wales to Hollywood,' the WJEC's Key Stage 5 Media Studies curriculum.