Young people making a film

Filming Futures


  • Through taking the project to familiar locations and listening to the needs of their participants, Filming Futures successfully engaged with a group of young people who are typically hard to engage through film education.  
  • The young people taking part enjoyed the sessions and gained new skills using accessibly technology which they have gone on to use in creating online content and music videos.
  • ProMo-Cymru gained a deeper understanding in how to use video to engage with hard to reach groups which will help support their future work and impact.


ProMo-Cymru engaged with a group of young people through developing a film training course that reflected their interests. The approach was non-traditional as it was youth led and involved an element of risk as there were multiple barriers faced by the young people we were seeking to engage. We were able to adjust our approach to ensure that the young people were engaged and would benefit from the course. our project inspired many young people and some of the films produced by the young people went on to be viewed online by thousands of people.