Ethel & Ernest in their garden

Ethel & Ernest

Based on Raymond Briggs’ award-winning book, this hand-drawn animated feature is an intimate and engaging depiction of the life and times of two ordinary people living through extraordinary events and immense social change.


Brenda Blethyn, Jim Broadbent

Roger Mainwood

Raymond Briggs

Camilla Deakin

Executive Producers:
Raymond Briggs, Jon Rennie

Production Company:
Lupus Films

Distributor / Booking Contact:
Vertigo Films /

Where to watch

DVD, Amazon Prime, YouTube, Sky Store, iTunes

Education Resource

In partnership with Lupus Films, Thud Media and Into Film, Ffilm Cymru produced an Ethel & Ernest education pack designed to work across a range of curriculum areas and subjects for pupils age 8-11. The resources make use of the extensive selection of videos, stills, and audio related to the Ethel & Ernest film.