poster for concrete plans featuring a hand rising from a grave

Concrete Plans yours to own on digital from 23rd November

Bring home the best of the fest with FrightFest Presents.

Concrete Plans is a new Ffilm Cymru funded thriller from writer-director Will Jewell and producers Rob Alexander (Numan: Android in La La Land), Kathy Speirs (Moon Dogs) and Ian Davies.

Some debts are paid in blood…

A manor house in disrepair and a landowner with a fierce temper and cash flow problem meets his match when confronted with a bill he can’t pay. Time is running out and the builders living on his land want their pound of flesh. When it becomes clear there is no cash, a red mist descends, the class divide widens and a simple dispute turns into a shockingly horrific display of violence as events spiral out of control.

Starring Amber Rose Revah (The Punisher), Steve Speirs (Upstart Crow), William Thomas (Twin Town, Mr Nice), Charlie Palmer Rothwell (Legend), Goran Bogdan (Fargo, Otec/Father), Chris Reilly (The Last Post), Kevin Guthrie (Sunshine on Leith) and James Lance (Ted Lasso), Concrete Plans boasts an original score by Paul Hartnoll of dance music legends Orbital.

You can also see Concrete Plans at Cardiff's Chapter Arts Centre from 27th November until 3rd December.