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Post-production supervisors help a producer achieve as much as is possible in the edit process without going over budget.

Amy Humphrey    

Credits: Derry Girls, Episodes, Benidorm

Career Progression

  • 1994 – 1998 – Goldsmith’s College, University of London – BA Hons Communications
  • 1998 – 2003 – Production Trainee at Alomo Productions, working my way through the ranks of Script Development to Script Editor.
  • After 18 months travelling…
  • 2005 – 2016 – Production Secretary (1 year), Production Coordinator (5 years), Junior Production Manager (2 years), Production Manager (3 years) – working on a variety of scripted projects including “Armstrong & Miller”, “Peep Show”, “Episodes”, “Benidorm”, ‘Witless” and “Spy”.
  • Moved to Bristol in 2016 to have children – since then I have worked as a Production Manager on a number of genres, as well as Post Supervising on scripted projects including “Derry Girls” and “Warren”.

Career Future Goals

  • To keep evolving my Post Supervision skills as industry technologies advance.

Career Highlights

  • Having the opportunity to work with some of the comedy industry greats (too many to single out)
  • To be part of some top level shows that still continue to spread laughter.


portrait of amy humphrey

"[It's important] having an understanding of the bigger picture and the knock-on effect of everything, because everything is very interconnected" - Amy Humphrey