bethany davies

Bethany Davies

Age: 22
From: Cardiff
Production: Dream Horse
Department: Camera

“Working in film and TV is a lot about who you know and connections you’ve made with people in the industry, so without having this beforehand it’s difficult to know where to start. Then there are other factors such as knowing where to look for work, travelling to locations, and other costs involved.”

Foot in the Door has:

  • Given me confidence to work in the  industry
  • Allowed me to realise that I am capable of the work
  • Enabled me to make contact with people from the industry
  • Given me skills that I can apply both in and outside of the industry
  • Arranged transport and covered travel costs.

“Since  my Foot  in  the  Door  placement  I have started a technical apprenticeship with the Wales Millennium Centre, where I have been able to use the skills gained through the placement to do technical work in theatre. I feel that this is something I wouldn’t have been able to do if it wasn’t for the confidence and skills I gained from Foot in the Door.”

“Since the placement I have recommended Foot in the Door to people I know who were looking for experience in film and TV. It’s such a good opportunity and I think anyone with an interest in film and TV should give it a go. It will give you the experience you need, and make connections with great people.”