Women making a film with a smartphone

Survivors' Voices

Taking place in Cardiff, Wrexham and, Swansea, the project captured the stories of women from 14 different countries now living in Wales.


  • The filmmaking process helped to empower under-represented women by providing them with new ways  of  telling  their  stories  and  allowing  self-representation
  • Prior to the workshops the participants had no previous filmmaking experience, the project taught them about creating stories for the screen as well as providing them with the skills to direct, film and edit these stories.
  • The project helped to create a filmmaking legacy for BAWSO by offering training to members of staff, allowing them to continue to work around filmmaking within the organisation.


BAWSO and Griot Creative created a fun, game-based mechanism of learning which helped to create accessible film education for service users at BAWSO. Helping women who are survivors of Trafficking, FGM, Force Marriage and Domestic Abuse to explore ideas surround storytelling and media representation. The project has begun conversations around creating a video production team within BAWSO to take on the tools of representing the women that they work with. The CPD elements of the project have also provided the team at BAWSO with the opportunity to explore broader projects surrounding giving voice to BAME women and other minority groups.