Film Exhibitor Fund

Our new Film Exhibitor Fund supports independent cinemas, film festivals, pop-up screenings and community cinemas based in Wales.

Ffilm Cymru has supported film exhibition in Wales since 2006. In recent years, this support has taken the form of our Audience Access fund, which granted annual awards to an impressive portfolio of film exhibitors working to maintain and expand their audiences through innovative, inclusive, and sustainable practices.

In response to the global Covid-19 pandemic, we have redesigned this fund in order to best support the immediate needs of film exhibitors throughout this period and the remainder of the year as we begin to see audiences returning to the big screen.

The UK Cinema Association has published COVID-19 guidance for cinemas - read them here.

The UK Government has announced £1.57 billion investment to protect Britain’s world-class cultural, arts and heritage institutions - read more here.

As part of that, the Welsh Government is investing £53 million to help Wales’ culture sector deal with the impact of the coronavirus pandemic - read more here.

We are working closely with Welsh Government and Arts Council of Wales colleagues, and will provide further information on support for independent cinemas as soon as it is available.

UK Government has also announced the rate of VAT applied on tourism and hospitality-related activities, including cinemas, will be cut from 20% to 5%. Find out more here.

Welsh Government has published guidance for organisations and individuals in Wales who manage culture and heritage destinations and venues that are open to the public - read them here.

Find out the latest on responsibly handling personal and sensitive data (such as health information), that is compliant with GDPR regulations, here.


In 2020-21 we are accepting applications to our new Film Exhibitor Fund in three rounds. The applications deadlines are:

10th July 2020 (5pm)
11th September 2020 (5pm)
13th November 2020 (5pm)

Applicants must first contact the Ffilm Cymru Team to coordinate an ‘Expression of Interest’ meeting or phone call. This conversation is an opportunity to look at your project in the early stages and to start thinking about how your aims and objectives can align with the founding principles of the Film Exhibitor fund. Expressions of Interest can be submitted at any time throughout the year.

Once this conversation has taken place, an application can be submitted.

Applicants can apply to our Film Exhibitor Fund for up to £20,000 (up to 75% of total costs) to support activity taking place during the 20-21 financial year.

For full details of Ffilm Cymru’s Film Exhibitor Fund, please read the guidelines.

This funding is comprised of National Lottery funding, delegated by the Arts Council Wales, and Ffilm Cymru’s management of this fund is supported by both Arts Council Wales and the BFI.

Contact Details

Nicola Munday
Audience & Education Manager
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Natasha Wilson
Audience & Education Coordinator
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Download this file (Film Exhibitor Fund Guidelines 2020.pdf)Film Exhibitor Fund Guidelines 2020[ ]3190 kB