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Head of Exhibition, Education & Regeneration, Emma Flatley moving to pastures new

As some of you may know, after 3-years of committed service to education and audience services for film across Wales, Emma Flatley will be moving to pastures new as Director of Engagement and Partnerships for Welsh National Opera. We wish her well and look forward to continuing to work with her on various collaborative projects in the future, building upon WNO’s The Space supported project, Occupation: 5 Songs that Shook the World, which we are currently contributing to.

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Shooting commences on Chris Crow's The Lighthouse

Production has commenced on The Lighthouse, a psychological thriller from writer/director Chris Crow (Panic Button). The Lighthouse tells the story of two men trapped in an isolated lighthouse cut off from the outside world. As the storms rage and relief seems impossible a terrible tragedy befalls one of the keepers leaving the survivor fighting to stay sane in a nightmarish situation. Michael Jibson (The Riot Club), the script’s co-writer, will star alongside Mark Lewis Jones (Stella). Soda Pictures have distribution for the UK and Ireland. 

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Join the Protest. New music to ‘shake the world’

Five musicians from diverse musical genres are joining forces for Occupation – five songs that shook the world, a digital project which will see them create new songs in parallel to crises, protests and acts of resistance as they unfold. 

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