New film education resource now available as free download

The Machine: Exploring the UK Film Industry’ is an A-Level Film & Media Teaching Resource that explores the creation of Red and Black Films’ sci-fi hit.

Covering development, production, post-production, and the innovative new distribution and marketing models the film employed, this interactive digital resource and DVD is designed to give film students an in-depth experience of the filmmaking process, from script to screen.

Produced in partnership with the WJEC, the DVD will feature a comprehensive interview with the filmmakers about how they brought The Machine to life, as well as storyboards, script excerpts, and behind the scenes photos. The resource is part of a series developed by the WJEC that also includes case studies on Gravity and Edgar Wright’s sci-fi comedy The World’s End, starring Simon Pegg and Nick Frost.

Written and directed by Welsh filmmaker Caradog James, The Machine was shot almost entirely in South Wales and premiered at New York’s prestigious Tribeca Film Festival. The sci-fi action thriller then went on to win the Raindance award for Best British Film, multiple BAFTA Cymru awards, and the Screen Award for Home Entertainment Campaign of the Year.

Ffilm Cymru Wales have also set up a dedicated Twitter account for film education news, events and resources – perfect for film and media teachers and students alike. Follow @FfilmEducation on Twitter.

The Machine: Exploring the UK Film Industry’ is now available as a free download from the WJEC website.