Ffilm Cymru Wales aims to provide new opportunities for Welsh (born and/or resident) filmmakers to get their films produced, increasing the range scale and number of films made. Particular emphasis will be placed on supporting Welsh producers, writers, writer-directors and directors but where Welsh talent is not leading the project, additional benefit might be provided through co-production or from mentoring opportunities offered to aspiring writers, directors, producers and Head of Department.

Ffilm Cymru Wales offers:

  • Our unique Magnifier approach to the development and production of feature films.
  • Project specific advice and assistance
  • Co-financing for a minimum of three theatrical feature films per annum (at least one of which will be in the Welsh
  • Funded support for companies wishing to increase company capacity, extend the intellectual property of their film
    proposals and who wish to develop cross media/cross art approaches.

For more information, please read our Production Funding guidelines.

Please note: The next deadline for Production Funding applications over £50,000 is Monday 13th November 2017. Applications submitted after this date will not be processed until the following board meeting.