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Gender Pay Gap Report

As of April 2018 the UK Government requires all companies and organisations of over 250 employees to publish their gender pay gap data. As a small organisation, Ffilm Cymru Wales has voluntarily published its report, which was calculated through the government’s Gender Pay Gap Reporting Service. 

At a time when women are under-represented in business and the creative sector, Ffilm Cymru Wales has a gender pay gap of 17% in favour of women, with 67% of staff members in the Upper Pay Quartile identifying as a woman. While not noted by the Gender Pay Gap Reporting Service, Ffilm Cymru Wales also demonstrates 50/50 gender parity on its Board of Directors.

Ffilm Cymru Wales aims to advance a sustainable and inclusive film culture that works for everyone across Wales, and will continue to lead on promoting gender equality in the film sector and beyond.

You can see the full details of our gender pay gap report below:


Difference in mean hourly rate of pay     -17%
Difference in median hourly rate of pay   -9%

Employees by pay quartile             Male     Female
Upper quartile                                   33%      67%
Upper middle quartile                      33%      67%
Lower middle quartile                       33%     67%
Lower quartile                                    0%       100%